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Now it would be too absurd to say that the inner experiences that underlie such expressions of faith as this and impel the writer to their utterance are quite unworthy to be called religious experiences. The sort of appeal that Emersonian optimism, on the one hand, and Buddhistic pessimism, on the other, make to the individual and the sort of response which he makes to them in his life are in fact indistinguishable from, and in many respects identical with, the best Christian appeal and response. We must therefore, from the experiential point of view, call these godless or quasi-godless creeds 'religions'; and accordingly when in our definition of religion we speak of the individual's relation to 'what he considers the divine,' we must interpret the term 'divine' very broadly, as denoting any object that is god, whether it be a concrete deity or not.

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He is , for in knowing himself as Cause He knows all creature things and events by implication. His knowledge is , for He is present to all time. Even our free acts are known beforehand to Him, for otherwise his wisdom would admit of successive moments of enrichment, and this would contradict his immutability. He is for everything that does not involve logical contradiction. He can make —in other words his power includes . If what He creates were made of his own substance, it would have to be infinite in essence, as that substance is; but it is finite: so it must be non-divine in substance. If it were made of a substance, an eternally existing matter, for example, which God found there to his hand, and to which He simply gave its form, that would contradict God's definition as First Cause, and make Him a mere mover of something caused already. The things he creates, then, He creates , and gives them absolute being as so many finite substances additional to himself. The forms which he imprints upon them have their prototypes in his ideas. But as in God there is no such thing as multiplicity, and as these ideas for us are manifold, we must distinguish the ideas as they are in God and the way in which our minds externally imitate them. We must attribute them to Him only in a sense, as differing aspects, from the finite point of view, of his unique essence.

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13. 28. 18. It is delightful to hear the sound of the sea. Thus to relieve the wretched was his pride. I am not afraid to speak the truth. And fools who came to scoff remained to pray. 17. He has the power to concentrate his thoughts. Full many a flower is born to blush unseen. 25. Can you hope to count the stars? 29. 30. My desire is to see you again. 19. 24. 26. To retreat was difficult. The counsel rose to address the court. to advance was impossible. Music hath charms to soothe the savage beast. Never seek to fell thy love. It is a penal offence to bribe a public. 15. 14. 16. To toil is the lot of mankind. There was not a moment to be lost. Everybody wishes to enjoy life. Better dwell in the midst of alarms. The ability to laugh is peculiar to mankind. My right there is none to dispute. 27. 20. 12. 21. He was quick to see the point.11. Than reign in this horrible place. 22. 23.