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Ok, well, insofar as in conventional speech we can make evil the predicate of one who performs evil acts, then you cannot argue that humans are inherently evil (which is a statement of identity, or at least inseparability).

Does William Golding’s Lord of The Flies Suggest That Man is Inherently Good or Evil?

The topic of this journal, is one that has caused much debate for a long time. Are we inherently good or evil at birth, or are we nurtured to be so? Many people believe that we have a natural tendency to be evil. Others think we are born good.

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Humans are self-serving which is why they may be perceived as evil. In order to fit in and feel safe, sometimes selfish acts will be pursued. Golding writes for the characters to become more savage. This attribute even reaches the symbol of goodness and order, Ralph. He realises that in order to survive, he could not always do the correct thing. On page one hundred and thirty-eight, Golding uses personification twice to create the drama in his message. “Piggy and Ralph, under the threat of the sky found themselves eager to take a place in this demented but partly secure society”. He is trying to dramatise the evilness that Piggy and Ralph have succumbed to, melding with the others, however, all this quote proves is their common longing for a place with others and not any depth of evilness. We see that people who starting in the were following Ralph ‘the good side’ joined.

Lord Of The Flies: Are Humans Inherently Evil? Essay

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Is Mankind Inherently Good or Evil?

The debate on whether men are naturally good or inherently evil has sprouted since the beginning of time. However, throughout time, this so called dichotomy has now become a multi-faceted inquiry into the very essence of humanity. This is for the reasons that along with the history of the debate are several disciplines that aim to inquire on the true and genuine nature of men. Among these inquiries include religion, philosophy, the arts, and the sciences. As a matter of fact, the debate is now more popular that it drew attention from almost all modes of inquiry which as a consequence produce a myriad of perspectives and school of thoughts on the topic.

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This diversified inquiry would lead not only the theorists but also the common people to be confronting a difficulty if not the impossibility of adapting and sustaining a single stand on the issue. As a matter of fact, the essays that are going to be analyzed in this paper are written by various scholars who are experts in their respective fields. Among these scholars include Saint Augustine in the field of theology and philosophy; Machiavelli in politics, philosophy, and the arts; Luther in theology and politics; Montaigne in French literature and French Renaissance; Galileo in mathematics, physics, astronomy, and philosophy; Voltaire in literature and philosophy, Dostoevsky in literature; and Capek in literature and popular culture. The disciplines where these writers belong to are diverse as mentioned earlier that it made them difficult to come up with a consensus on the real nature of goodness and evilness in humanity.

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Despite this diversity among different disciplines, the writers of the essay seem to agree on one thing; that whether or not mankind is inherently good or evil, humans are evil in one way or another. The essays do not forthrightly assert any argument on whether humans are inherently good or evil; they just merely posit the view that humans always have evil and wicked tendencies one way or another. Moreover, every human being has a tendency to cloak evil thoughts and intentions that are manifested in their wrong doings. However, these evil tendencies are not unwarranted. They have their own roots and reasons that are not only attributed to the self but also to other factors in the environment.