Brand awareness and brand image (Keller model )

As consumers, we experience ads or sites that ask us to do something straight away, such as buy now, watch a video or learn more. However, the cost of buying something large like a company’s data storage is too huge to pull off in an online experience and a business still needs to get the message out to its audience somehow. These ads/projects are part of a brand awareness campaign and are intended to get customers on the first rung of the purchase funnel. They are usually hosted around relevant content (articles, videos, white papers etc.) found on publishers’ sites.

Brand awareness and brand image (Keller model )

There is significant difference between male and female attitudes towards brand There is significant difference among different age groups attitude towards brand. There is significant difference among different Academic Qualification attitudes towards brand There is significant difference among different income group attitudes towards brand. There is significant difference among male and female attitudes towards brand awareness through Media. 5. SCOPE AND NEED FOR THE STUDY FMCG products are substantially used to enhance and protect the health and physical appearance and also the dignity of the people among their counterparts.

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Using elaboration likelihood model (Petty & Cacioppo, 1986) suggest that consumers may base choices on brand awareness considerations when they have low involvement, which could result from either a lack of consumer motivation or lack of consumer ability. A brand with high awareness and with positively distinguishing associations will have a high added value for consumers (Riezebos, 2003). Research Hypotheses After reading the literature, it noticeably seems that ‘brand awareness’ is the major factor in forming the purchase decision/behavior and choice of the brand.

Brand awareness means the extent to which a brand associated with a particular product is documented by potential and existing customers either positively

A brand is the meaning behind your company's name, logo, symbols and slogans. Having a unique and memorable brand helps you build brand awareness and create a long-term position in the marketplace. Brand awareness is a measure of how well your brand is known within its target markets.

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Today we notice this shift towards branded FMCGs in rural areas as a result of Socio Economic & Political changes in the last 5 years. This has made rural areas more viable markets even compared to urban areas. The Socio Economic and Political changes contributed to a great extent for changes in the life styles of countryside people who patronized branded FMCG products. The Government policies to promote education in rural areas enhanced their brand awareness due to the presence of at least one higher education pursuing student in their family or neighbouring family.

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Creating brand awareness is usually the first step in building advertising objectives. Before you can create a favorable impression or motivate customers to buy, they have to become aware of your brand and its meaning. Marketing messages delivered through various media are often used to communicate the brand name and important messages tied to its products. Making people aware that you exist helps drive traffic to your business and create a buzz in the market.

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... and fresh graduates to provide industry ready man-power to I.T industry and eventually the vision of HCL CDC is to bridge the skill gap between academics and industry. Final objective of all these activities is to get regular walk-ins in HCL CDC and to enroll students in various courses and training programs of HCL and generating business for HCL CDC. Research focuses on level of brand awareness of HCL CDC as a brand and also to understand the mindset of students while joining. It will also recommend the points to HCL CDC to improve upon to increase its market share in education industry and to increase the satisfaction of the customers. Brand awareness consists of both brand recognition, which is the ability of consumers to confirm that they have previously been exposed to your brand, and brand recall, which reflects the ability of consumers to name your brand when given the product category, category need, or some other similar cue. Research results shows that around 58% people are interested in learning Information Technology skills for the better future opportunity in the industry. This is so because of the fact that IT has become has a necessity these days as it is involved in almost every field like manufacturing, Hospitality, Entertainment, Banking & Insurance, Health Care, Education, Govt. & Public sector etc. It is the good news of the institutes like HCL CDC which aims at providing technical knowledge to the students and to make them industry ready...