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However, the study is on Canada that already been a developed country on the relationship between rural poverty and health but that maybe relevant to our sample from selected developing countries. Knight& Maharaj (2005): KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, the poor are less likely to be able to afford private services and are therefore more likely to use public ones. Conversely, those who earn more can afford to use private services. Another contributing factor may be that those with higher levels of education have different attitudes to public and private healthcare, which may influence their choice of healthcare provider.

Causes of Poverty in Pakistan and its Solutions Essay

... issue although Africa is suffering the most. By examining these graphs, there is a common relationship between the data. The places with a higher trend on out-of-school children are the also the ones living below the national poverty line. These maps do a significant job at demonstrating that the lack in education causes poverty and the increase in education causes wealth. Also, while exploring the maps, it is evident that the geographic prevalence is on a global scale. In an article written by K. Saleem, he talked about Pakistan introducing a new fundamental right, “Right to Education” and that with this introduction of this right, it will eventually increase the economy. By implementing this right, this will lead to economic development, demolishment of poverty and a stronger more inclusive population. Allowing youth to be educated will pull them out of poverty, allowing them to get jobs, while letting the society work towards becoming more industrialized and modern (Saleem, 2014). Although this article relates only to Pakistan, this idea of introducing education has the same impacts in most developing countries. By making education a requirement in developing countries, it can boost economic growth, build the economy and allow people to get high paying jobs. In contrast, by introducing education, this slowly eradicates poverty as well as increases these economic factors. According to the chapter “What is Poverty?” in the booklet Poverty and Education, this takes the...

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Poverty is one of the biggest problems in India. This essay highlights the causes, effects and offers solutions to fight poverty in India.

Essay on Poverty in India: Causes, Effects and Solutions. Short essay on Poverty in Indian Education becomes extremely difficult when people are deprived of.

Poverty happens all over the world whether in low, middle or high income countries. However, our research is focus on developing countries. This is because many researches and studies have been done on developing countries. Poverty in the developed countries is not as serious as in developing countries. Poverty is associated with the undermining of a range of key human attributes, including health. Poor or low income society often has shorter life expectancy and high infant mortality rate.a) Poverty and Inequality in South Africa
b) Who are worst affected by poverty?
c) Development and Underdevelopment
d) Developed countries
e) Developing countries
f) What caused the difference between the developed and the developing world?There are also some deeper causes like history, wars and political instability, national debt, discrimination and social inequality, corruption, social inequality, and this is not a complete list.
There are a lot of negative effects that poverty has. In the poor districts, the crime rate is much higher, and the accidents of poisoning by water or food are more frequent in poor countries as well. People, who do not feel safe, are always anxious, nervous and intense. Trying to relieve these negative feelings, they start alcohol or other substances abusing. All these factors make a vicious cycle that is difficult to unlock. The state has to take drastic measures to help the people, who are already suffering and improve the state of the people, who are on the verge of it.The first step to eliminating or, at least, reducing the poverty is to realize the existing problem. Unfortunately, the authorities always try to avoid noticing this in order not to make any actions. They have to find exact causes of the problem and assess the complexity of a current situation. Only after that, they can decide on the strategy of alleviating the poverty. Of course, the result will not come in a day, and the problem will not be fully resolved. But, by trial and error, they can make a lot of people happier and even save some people’s lives. Some of the countries cannot escape from poverty by themselves. Developing countries need some help from developed countries, especially, in terms of education and industrialization.