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yet simple words. At one point, Stephen Kumalo searches for his son in the wide streets of Johannesburg. He fears that his son has done something terribly bad, and for the reverend, this is almost more than he can bear. Paton narrates, "Cry, the beloved country, for the unborn child that is the inheritor of our fear. Let him not love the earth too deeplyÖFor fear will rob him of all if he gives too much" (Paton 80). The reverend's despair is evident in his fear of love for the earth and that…

Cry for the broken tribe, for the law and the custom that is gone. Aye, and cry laud for the man who is dead, for the woman and children bereaved. Cry, the beloved country, these things are not yet at an end.

"Cry the Beloved Country". Do my essay. 20 Oct. 2017

"Cry the Beloved Country". Do my essay. 20 Oct. 2017

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Cry, the Beloved Country is a novel by Alan Paton, published in 1948

Cry, the Beloved Country is an important book because it gives us a thoughtful, wide-ranging view on the moral and social implications of legalized racism in South Africa. But it's a great book because it ties all of these big issues to a simple story with which we can all identify: the story of a kid who makes a terrible mistake and who has to face consequences, to the heartbreak of his concerned father.

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So even though Paton's book appeared right at the beginning of apartheid, Cry, the Beloved Country warned of some of the horrible damage that legalized racism would do to South African society—at least, that is, to people who were willing to listen.

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After all, it's not like Cry, the Beloved Country is the only work of fiction to focus on the story of a naïve guy who gets in over his head, commits a crime, and winds up paying for it. On the funny side, think the Dude and Walter Sobchak in , caught up in a faked kidnapping scheme that leads to hilarious and awful consequences (poor Donnie!). Or for a more terrifying example, there's 's Walter White, building his meth empire to pay for his medical bills. Or at least, that's how he starts out, but his good intentions don't last too long.