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Sedaris got his first taste of reading to an audience in college. He was later discovered by This American Life radio producer Ira Glass while reading his work in a Chicago club and has since read to sold-out audiences at Carnegie Hall and across the country as well as live on the Late Show with David Letterman. Sedaris believes there are lessons for all writers in performing their work in front of an audience and shares how he uses readings as an indispensable tool to help fine-tune his prose even before his editors see it.

He has also regularly contributed personal essays to Esquire

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For decades, David Sedaris has penned some of the most reliably funny essays around, crafting simple observations and bone dry wit into masterful, droll stories

With Theft by Finding, readers are getting a chance to look behind the curtain of David Sedaris’ eccentric mind. The book is made up of excerpts from the diaries that have inspired his stranger than fiction essays over the years. The 23-stop tour will kick off in Brooklyn on May 30. On some stops, Sedaris will be joined by Ariel Levy, a writer for The New Yorker and author of the upcoming memoir The Rules Do Not Apply, out March 14. This is Sedaris’ latest work since 2013’s essay collection .

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