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Specifically, the following critical element must be addressed:
? Identify the main types of business entities and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.
Case Study Three: Jeb and Josh are lifelong friends. Jeb is a wealthy wind-power tycoon, and Josh is an active outdoor enthusiast. They have decided to open a sporting goods store, Arcadia Sports, using Jeb’s considerable financial resources and Josh’s extensive knowledge of all things outdoors. In addition to selling sporting goods, the store will provide whitewater rafting, rock-climbing, and camping excursions. Jeb will not participate in the day-to-day operations of the store or in the excursions. Both Jeb and Josh have agreed to split the profits down the middle. On the first whitewater rafting excursion, a customer named Jane falls off the raft and suffers a severe concussion and permanent damage to her spine. Meanwhile, Jeb’s wind farms are shut down by government regulators, and he goes bankrupt, leaving extensive personal creditors looking to collect.
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I am doing an essay. What are advantages and disadvantages of doing homework?

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What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Homework in School? Essay

Homework has long been an approach implemented by most educational organisations. However, there are debates concerning whether young students should be assigned homework or not. Personally, I believe that giving homework would be essential for children.
People disagree with homework for several reasons. Firstly, opponents believe that homework does not always effectively improve educational outcomes. Achievements of countries such as Finland would be a specific example proving that it is unnecessary requiring pupils to do their homework. Secondly, children are often exhausted after school because official study is relatively time-consuming. Finally, it is argued that instead of giving student with loaded homework, students should be given time to play at home since it is equally important for their development.

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People have different views with regards to the question of whether school pupils should have to do homework. Although there are good arguments in favor of children do not need homework, I personally believe that some homework is necessary for the education.
There are various reasons why people disagree with homework. Firstly, they may assert that homework does not improve educational outcomes like knowledge, skills, attitude, and values that school children will need to be successful in work, family and community. For example, in most educationally successful countries in the world like Finland, pupils are assigned very little homework. Secondly, it is unfair to expect students to come home and work for another few hours after seven-eight hours of lessons in classroom. Finally, time spend for extracurricular activities like reading, playing sports or musical instruments, helping with cooking and shopping with family members is equally beneficial for development.
In spite of these arguments, I support the view that it has great advantages for pupils by doing homework. Homework encourages independent learning and improves problem solving skills as they have to complete homework on their own. As well as, it bridges the gaps of learnings at school and reinforces work done in classroom by practicing and applying what they learnt in lessons. For example, practicing math exercises consolidate the skills like creativity and problem solving. As a result, enhancement gain through homework prepare people to work independently as adults.
In conclusion, while there are some reasons to argue that homework does not play an important role in educational development, I completely agree that homework is still vital in school education.

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