It seems rather like an elaboration.

The mental process occurring partly during dreaming and partly during the recalling or telling of a dream, by means of which the latent content of the dream is brought into increasingly more coherent and logical order, resulting in the manifest content of the dream.

1. Anecdotes: a short little story that develops orillustrates an idea or point being made.

Morogan walked us back up to our hotel room, and, as was the custom, we ordered a plate of underwhelming roti from the kitchen – our returning of the hospitality didn’t quite seem on a par. As was also the custom, we exchanged addresses and phone numbers, and I took a couple of pictures of us for the record. I think Alec erred on the side of caution and ‘accidentally’ gave a wrong digit in his home phone number somewhere, on the off-chance Morogan did actually make the call sometime in the future. I personally found the idea of my poor old mum being woken by a drunken, noisy, Sri Lankan drama-queen calling at some silly hour in the morning absolutely hilarious, and I await his call to this day.

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4. Statistics and/or Facts: numbers and information thathelps support the idea or point being made.

No, screw that. What a selfish bastard. I earn more in an hour what this toothy old guy could earn in any day. What am I thinking? When did I become this much of a stingy human being? Who am I to cheat him out of his work, leave rubbish in his inadequate sewers, be tight with my Rupees and pack off back to my western bubble?

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elaboration 1570s, in a physiological sense relating to tissue development, from L. elaborationem (nom. elaboratio), from elaborare "work out, produce by labor," from ex- "out" + laborare "to labor."

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Rational choice elaborations

An important question regarding the Liar Paradox is: What is the relationship between a solution to the Paradox for (interpreted) formal languages and a solution to the Paradox for natural languages? There is significant disagreement on this issue. Is appeal to a formal language a turn away from the original problem, and so just changing the subject? Can one say we are still on the subject when employing a formal language because a natural language contains implicitly within it some formal language structure? Or should we be in the business of building an ideal language to replace natural language for the purpose of philosophical study?

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Towards the end of the noise wake, the diachronic association between Pim Fortuyn and Theo Van Gogh was powerfully expressed. All of a sudden ‘Pim Fortuyn’ appeared in the huge round window on the top floor of Madame Tussaud’s. Fortuyn’s wax statue could be seen watching the crowd far below, which provoked extra outbursts of yelling and other noise. The event lasted for about 25 minutes; the drummer announced the end with another brief bit of drumming, joined again by noise from the crowd in the square. Then many people began to leave, while others chose to stay behind to make more noise, or to play music and dance, which altogether produced a kind of festive atmosphere.

Example 3: Holiday in Biarritz. Au mois de mai je suis allée en France avec mes parents et ma sœur. Nous avons voyagé en avion et nous avons loué une voiture.

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