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The life of a student is a complicated one. It comprises of a number of aspects, the academic one being the arguably the most important, but by far not the only. So, there are a lot of measures by which one could say whether a certain student is good or bad. For example, whether a student writes every college essay himself or resorts to outsourcing.
This particular discussion becomes more and more actual today, as growing amounts of students seek assistance from essay writers for hire, and in response to this demand, ever more companies offering such services arise on the market. Does employing others to write papers for them make students wrong? Will this make him a bad workforce in future? Such questions need to be discussed and answered.

Hey, hi there. So……that essay about quitting drinking seemed to hit a nerve with a lot of folks, eh? I’m grateful for that – this is a conversation that we need to have, it seems. But here’s the thing: now I want to circle back up on something with you all. It is deeply important so I implore that if you shared that “So I Quit Drinking” essay to please share this status update, too.Hey Sarah, my wife just sent me this article. Well done! Love some advice. Most of our closest friends are non-believers. We are anxiously anticipating all of them falling in love with Jesus. We often feel like outsiders when we get together with multiple couples because we don’t drink. We don’t make a big deal about it, but there is still weirdness. We pass invites to evenings at the bar and we often feel like we are not invited to dinner parties because we don’t drink. (We feel that way because we are the ones who are always inviting the group to our house.) I don’t want to let this be a wedge, I do want our relationship to grow, so that the love of God will spill into their lives. Any advice?Sweet Sarah, Your post could have been my post. Ditto to the love of this delicious drink, the fun with friends, and sharing new discoveries of deliciousness like blackberry wine. But… I know exactly this conviction, this weight, this ignoring of His voice inside of me that you wrote about. I was wrestling with this decision. I tried and tried but a beach trip or a party or a wedding, and then, I would be drawn back in. Then one morning, on our houseboat, about 5:00 in the morning, a dream woke me, and I was listening to God. In my dream I was physically running from the enemy of my soul when I turned and covered him with an urn full of the ashes of the Lord and He was gone, then boom…I was starring at a gigantic stimmed glass with sparkling red wine in it. A very strong voice spoke saying,”It is not the liquid in the glass that condemns you, it is your hand holding the glass.” That did it for me! I was done!!! Almost giddy, I walked away from this desire, full of joy, with no desire since that early morning, for any alcohol! I too am fine with others who choose to drink alcohol, but for me, I choose not to. Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling as you listen to the Holy Spirit. For me, I LOVE my choice and I love following this conviction I had. Thank you for these perfectly beautiful words❤ Love LauraI remembered Brennan Manning – the man who has translated the love of God in a way that I could receive it more than probably any other writer – was addicted to alcohol and I re-read up one of his last books before he died: “” where he vulnerably writes about what this battle has cost him, even as he experienced the unending and unconditional love of God in the midst of it, how he experienced regret and pain and loss alongside of the love and tenderness of God in this dependency. And I thought about the Ragamuffin for many, many days.