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He consulted him about the best sort of constitution for Pennsylvania, and prepared one which contained a good many Dutch ideas, no doubt suggested by Furly. If this constitution had been adopted it would have been a strong point for Mr. Campbell. But it was rejected and abandoned by Penn himself, and in the place of it he prepared another which was adopted; and this also he submitted to Furly. We have Furly's criticisms on it, complaining, in rather strong language, that Penn had repudiated all his Dutch suggestions, and hinting that no good would come of it.

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The first draught of the Articles that was submitted to Congress had more resemblance to Franklin's plan of the year before, and was simpler in language, than the completed copy that was ratified by the States. The completed Articles, however, begin as many of the previous plans had begun, — by guaranteeing to each State its local rights and liberties. But this guarantee is expressed more completely and better than ever before. Each State is to retain its sovereignty, freedom, and independence, and every power, jurisdiction, and right which is not by the Articles expressly delegated to the United States in Congress assembled. At the same time, the States agree, in very much the same form that they had formerly agreed in the plans, to enter into a firm league of friendship with one another for their common defence and general welfare.

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At first glance there seems to be a compliment in the striking, clear-cut language of the great English statesman, and if the phrase had been applied to some nations — the French, for example — they would probably continue to think it complimentary. But along with the first impression of a compliment the Anglo-Saxon instinct of Americans received an impression which it resented. Our people were at first pleased, but the next moment they were irritated at the thought that their government had been made off-hand.