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For many years, I have kept three books on the desk in my office in the of the Library of Congress. The three titles, considered by some to be classics in the field of analytical geography and early G (GIS), sit there more for inspiration than for reference, but rarely a week goes by that I don’t find myself paging through them. Two of the titles, Peter Haggett and Richard Chorley’s (1969), and William Bunge’s, (1962), are probably known to many of the readers, as they are classics in the field of modern cartography. The third, however, might be more of a surprise. This book, now more of a collection of loose papers, having been continually thumbed over the years, is Roger Tomlinson’s thesis from the University of London, called, (1974).

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Geography of Pakistan is same like a Pakistan studies , some chapters of Pakistan studies is matched with your course . However , the major portion of this pattern involves the geo strategy of your country , the relationship with neighbor countries , the import and export , industry success of Pakistan . Moreover the cultural and tradition of different provinces , their weather as well visiting place , the behavior of local with tourists and visitors . Some famous traditions , as long as their way of living . The population of your country , the methods of counting population in Pakistan Mardum Shumaari . The environment and the changes in climate . The agriculture occupation in country . The difference between village and city . Advantages and disadvantages of rural and urban life . Different languages that speaks in Pakistan Urdu , Punjabi , Pashtoo , Sindhi , Balochi etc .

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area-studies tradition was tended to be excluded from early American professional geography. Today, it is beset by certain champions of the spatial tradition who would have one believe that somehow the area studies way of organizing knowledge is only a subdepartment of spatialism” (Pattison 1964). It concentrates on the descriptions of regions in order to differentiate them from other regions and areas. Being able to understand geography in these terms can reveal the deepest knowledge of the world’s environment…

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All students take a core Geographical Ideas and Themes paper relating to global change, which is assessed through both coursework and written examination.

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You also take the Geographical Skills and Methods paper that covers numerical methods; survey techniques; documentary and archival data; spatial data; and field, laboratory and desk-based skills.

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All applicants are required to take the pre-interview written assessment for Geography at an authorised centre local to them (for a lot of applicants, this will be their school/college).

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While Geography isn’t directly a ‘vocational’ degree, Cambridge Geography graduates are trained to deal with multivariate problems, are skilled in information retrieval, data management and computing, and are used to working on their own initiative, and as such are highly employable in a variety of professions.

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We have one of the UK’s largest geography libraries, containing around 20,000 books, journals and periodicals, and the Scott Polar Research Institute is an integral part of the Department. There are extensive computing resources, where you receive formal teaching in geographical information technology including geographical information systems and remote sensing, and the Department’s intranet provides further online resources.