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“The Collected Stories,” by Lorrie Moore, is a beautiful collection of tales that allows readers to plunge in and out of the writer’s experience observing of human behavior. Ms. Moore is famous for her sharp and ironic tone. Moore writes about family dynamics, infidelity, and terminal illness. However, the way she shifts smoothly from one to another, makes this anthology a popular one. The most popular story from this volume is, “How to Be an Other Woman.” The book is counted as an excellent anthology of its time.

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"The Star Thrower" (or "starfish story") is part of a 16-page essay of the same name by (1907–1977), published in 1969 in . is also the title of a 1978 anthology of Eiseley's works (including the essay), which he completed shortly before his death.

The truth is always better to say the same mla essay within anthology time, I learn something new. But so are you, some editors are failed writers.

As with any book you plan to write, the first step, of course, is to research the target market for your proposed anthology, and to figure out how you can attract and serve that market. There are numerous articles and books available about how to do that so we’re going to move on to the logistical part of the process.

Part one of Peter Gidal's introductory essay to the Structural Film Anthology, Published by the BFi in 1976.

I’m all for that. The editors, and , have collected many of the essays written and put them together into a new anthology called, of course, , available for free at Smashwords. The essays are thoughtful and interesting, and anyone interested in the stories behind science will enjoy them.