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A National Institutes of Health study showed that twenty-five to thirty per cent of American adults have periodic episodes of sleeplessness and twenty per cent suffer from chronic insomnia. On the advice of sleep doctors, fatigue-management specialists, and know-it-alls on wellness blogs, these tossers and turners drink cherry juice, eat Atlantic perch, set the bedroom thermostat between sixty-seven and seventy degrees, put magnets under the pillow, curl their toes, uncurl their toes, and kick their partners out of bed, usually to little avail. According to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, four per cent of Americans reported having taken prescription sleeping pills in the previous month, and an additional who-knows-how-many use anti-anxiety medications like Valium and Klonopin. Never mind that some studies suggest that a pill can extend your sleep by as little as three minutes a night and reduce the time it takes to nod off by only eight to twenty minutes.

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It's a scary world, and children are exposed to more violencethan any generation in recent memory. An article in magazine concluded: "It gets dark early in the Midwest this time ofyear. Long before many parents are home from work, the shadowscreep up the walls and gather in the corners, while on the carpeta little figure sprawls in the glow emanating from an anchorman'stan. There's been a murder in the Loop, a fire in a nightclub, anindictment of another priest. Red and white lights swirl in urgentpinwheels as the ambulances howl down the dark streets. And onemore crime that never gets reported, because there's no one toarrest. Who killed childhood? We all did."

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The Scary Night (Creative Writing) Essay by EssaySwap Contributor, Scary Movie. Instead, I chose to The Scary Night (Creative Writing).

Violet Violet is a sad and spooky story for kids about the roof of an apartment building where a ghostly voice is heard crying every night. There is a certain apartment building in the city where the rooftop is off limits. The reason is that, in the middle of the night, when there is no […]

Compared with the Sleep Number i8 smart bed I tried recently, my bed is an ignoramus ($4,799.97 to $8,549.97). My twentieth-century box spring just lies around, unequipped to inform me each morning over WiFi how well I slept the night before. The Sleep Number bases its report on the usual metrics, such as heart rate and body movement. That’s not its only trick: Have you ever tried to find a comfortable position in bed and concluded it was impossible unless you got rid of your shoulder? The air-filled Sleep Number minimizes pressure on your body parts by letting you adjust the firmness of your side of the mattress, while your bedfellow can use his own remote control to inflate or deflate his half of the bedscape to his liking. What’s more, our remotes allowed us to elevate the head and foot sections of our respective territories, providing all the fun of a hospital bed without having to be sick.When Mr. A. inserted the SnoreMasker Pro, he said that it sounded as if he were standing under a waterfall, and that, remarkably, he could not hear anything else. The Web site warns, “When you first try using your SnoreMasker Pro to sleep with your snoring bed partner, you need to make sure he or she understands that you cannot hear them talking to you. Some people might get mad, thinking their partner is just ignoring them, even though this isn’t the case.” Mrs. A. was more mature than that. Plus, she was out cold. Mr. A. said that, within minutes, it sounded as if he were standing under the waterfall with someone snoring. The next night, he tried a similar earplug, the T1-100 White Noise Sleep Aid and Tinnitus Masker, manufactured by the New Sound Company ($389). It performed great, if you like to fall asleep while listening to the loud whooshing of a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade balloon being deflated by someone snoring. The good news was that the alarm clock was irrelevant, because Mr. A. had been up for hours.Yes, a display of flashing red lights could make you think that the police are arriving, but according to Fred Maxik, a scientist who designed illumination to help astronauts sleep in space, the real reason that so many companies go blue is that it is energy efficient and therefore cheap. As the founder of Lighting Science, Maxik has developed a line of white L.E.D.s that keep your circadian rhythms in sync. Here is a snippet from the sleep diary of Susan, who is prone to staying up until three in the morning listening to podcasts. She tested the Good Night bulb, which has less blue light than traditional lighting ($39.95): “I turned on the light. I watched 15 minutes of the latest terror news before turning it off and then I fell asleep. I slept until 2:00 (also nearly unprecedented), listened to a nice podcast about jihadi terrorists, and went back to sleep until 6:00. A really big sleep stretch for me.”