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The Gettysburg Address has been called one of America’s greatest speeches, but why? President Abraham Lincoln delivered a short speech to a crowd of more than 15,000, focusing on America’s principles of human equality. The Gettysburg Address is considered a key moment in American history, due to its shaping of the way Americans viewed themselves and their government.

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Mary Bowditch Forbes was the last resident of the Forbes House. Miss Forbes distinguished herself as a collector of Lincoln memorabilia and willed the house to become a museum upon her death. It is her collection of Lincoln artifacts and the replica of his log cabin that have inspired many young people to learn about the Forbes Family, Abraham Lincoln, and the Civil War. Miss Forbes was clearly an influential woman who donated much to our community.

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In April 1866, Booth, an egotistic member of the Confederate secret service, shot Lincoln in the head. Few might say Lincoln help too much power, but others would proclaim him as a saint. James McPherson contends Lincoln’s phenomenal presidency and his great contribution to the United States of America. Without Lincoln, the nation might have still been divided, and segregation would be more than a controversial topic. Abraham Lincoln is a riveting book that tailgates not only Lincoln’s life, but also his fascinating presidency.

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Abraham and Mary Lincoln would produce four children: Robert Todd, named for Mary’s father; Edward (Eddie) Baker, named for a close friend; William (Willie) Wallace, named for Dr. William Wallace, who had married Francis, another Todd sister, and had become close friends with Lincoln; and Thomas (Tad), named for Lincoln’s father who had died two years earlier. Eddie died in 1850, Willie in 1862, and Tad in 1871. Only Robert lived to adulthood; the last of his descendants would die in 1985, ending the Abraham Lincoln family line. (Learn more about )

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When Abraham was two, the family moved to nearby Knob Creek Farm. Five years later, the family moved again, to the wilderness on Little Pigeon Creek in Indiana. On October 5, 1818, his mother died, reportedly of “milk sickness,” caused by drinking milk from cows that have eaten a poisonous, blossoming plant called snakeroot. Thomas Lincoln remarried a year later, to Sarah Bush Johnston, a woman of Elizabethtown, Kentucky, whom he had known for many years. She had three children by a previous marriage, Elizabeth, Matilda, and John. Although Abraham and his father were never close, Sarah and nine-year-old Abraham formed a loving relationship that continued throughout their lives. She encouraged him in his attempts to educate himself, which he did by borrowing and studying books.

The Gettysburg Powerpoint Presentation 11/19/1863. And now please welcome President Abraham Lincoln. Good morning. Just a second while I …

Abraham Lincoln was born on Sinking Springs Farm near Hodgenville, Kentucky, on February 12, 1809, to Thomas and Nancy Hanks Lincoln, and named for his paternal grandfather. His birthplace is believed to have been a 16′ x 18′ log cabin, which no longer exists. Lincoln had a sister, Sarah, who was two years and two days older than he was. A younger brother, Thomas, died in infancy.