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11. Researchers found that water deficiency and erosion, rainy climate, poor land vegetation, climate change, loss and decrease of agricultural production, which all lead to desertification of land, are all consequences of the activities of the overpopulation 12. Ming-Te et al.’s study presented that the GHG level increased rapidly and the national security is at risk. GHG growing production would also make the lack of water and air pollution worse than it actually is; also they stated that climate change, in addition to being caused by overpopulation, is influenced by poor sustainable development, poor resources management and over-use of energy.

discussed in the debate on overpopulation is the issue of resource scarcity. So

The Problem of Overpopulation in Effects Of Overpopulation In Developing Countries Essay Developing Countries essaysThere is a These are the countries where the worst problems and living conditions are being

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sparked mountains of debate from both camps in the overpopulation discussion.

But for those who are really paying attention, the apprehension goes even deeper. The fact is, we are living at history’s greatest inflection point, as I tried to explain in my 2007 book . We today face an extreme ecological crisis (resource depletion, climate change, overpopulation). In addition, there are good reasons to conclude that our vulnerable to a moderately strong puff of wind. It’s time to brace for impact.

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Overconsumption has a detrimental affect on the environment, and our culture and our economy forces this issue into light. Those that believe that this is the main cause to these issues pose a good argument; their main point is that a small fraction of the world’s population consumes the majority of the resources being produced. While it may seem like overpopulation is the issue at hand, this view shows that this may not be true, by stating different facts and beliefs that shows otherwise.

China and overpopulation are two words that have become synonymous over the years. Overpopulation in China has become a global issue as China …

In a response to this controversy, a teacher in the SHiPS Teacher’s Network posted a case study in which he or argues that overconsumption has more affect on humanity. The author makes it clear that he or she is biased, but gives facts that prove overconsumption is to blame. The teacher proves his or her point by stating some facts may be misconstrued. “One author recently conveyed the alarming disparity in birth rates: in three generations, a German woman would have 6 descendants, in the U.S., 14, and in Africa, 258. The implication, of course, was that by the middle of the next century, Africans would be depleting resources 18 times more quickly and damaging the environment 18 times more severely than people in industrialized nations.” [5] This data leads one to believe that the main cause for the damage is overpopulation.

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Overpopulation also has its drawbacks in economics. Earlier in the 1960s it was good to have such a population increase and as the government of 1940s predicted, the population brought finance to the country making the money available for va ….

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China’s one child policy worked better for lowering the population quickly but may have negative long term effects on the country in the long run. India took multiple different approaches to try to control overpopulation, these include forced sterilization, free contraceptives, and encouraging their citizens to wait to have children with large rewards;