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Each essay should have a title and be between 1,200 and 1,500 words in length. Essays should be typed,
double-spaced on one side of paper. Initials of the student should be in the upper right hand corner of
each page. A 3” x 5” card with student’s name, gender, address, telephone number, name of school,
school address and teacher’s full name should be clipped to the upper left corner of the manuscript.
Essays become the property of the Friends of the University of Missouri Libraries upon receipt.

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Modern librarians are so accustomed to online systems that most recent professionals have little or no experience with card catalogs. Here I relate a few anecdotes about file management in the card era. I hope they will illustrate the distance we have traveled. The scope of my essay is confined solely to my experience in Widener library, Harvard University. For two years, 1957-59, I was a junior cataloguer at Widener, responsible only for descriptive cataloguing; others—much more senior staff—took care of subject cataloguing and classification. In my limited capacity one of my duties was troubleshooting problem entries and resolving inconsistencies in the bibliographic record. Very often I worked with some quite old catalogue cards, some of which predated universal acceptance of Melvil Dewey’s 75 mm x 125 mm format.

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The Library Card Uploaded by krazy_gurl on Jan 31, 2001 “The Library Card,” by Richard Wright is a strong essay on how books can affect and influence readers.

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