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"Politics and the English Language" was first noted in Orwell's payment book of 11 December 1945. The essay was originally published in the April 1946 issue of the journal (volume 13, issue 76, pages 252–265); it was Orwell's last major article for the journal. The essay was originally intended for 's magazine but it was turned down.

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, Orwell says this to admit that he could himself be a victim of this corruption in language, which was widely prevalent in his times. Yet, he gives us a prescient essay, still fresh and relevant, that should be read as a device to decode the language of mass lies and hypocrisy of the politicians and other related commentators in that field. There could be no better weapon to question and to check those in power by a citizen, than a clear, well-constructed thought which is a precedent to the right action, Orwell seems to say. And, in this way, it is Orwell's guide to progress and freedom from orthodoxy, oppression and dirty complex ill-constructed sentences with much felonious motives.

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No doubt. Orwell knew the psychology and mathematics of words. He understood what people think of the words used in society- let alone in politics. So what is this essay all about after all? I would believe that what he really wants to point out in this essay is that connection with readers is the most important elements of writing regardless of what concept you have got. He manifested this belief in his works. Mostly, politics is bad when the language is corrupt as it is the conspicuous undertone of his essays.

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“But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.” (59) Orwell’s quote about thoughts and language corrupting each other brings us back to the thesis of his essay: “it becomes ugly and inaccurate because our thoughts are foolish, but the slovenliness of our language makes it easier for us to have foolish thoughts.” Through these two quotes, Orwell expresses that the deterioration of the English language and of the writing skills makes it easier for us have corrupt our minds with ugly thoughts. These ugly thoughts allow us to have corrupt language; making it both language and our human thoughts to blame. The longer we use poor language, the easier and faster it will get stuck in our minds and thoughts. The longer these ill habits of writing are imprinted in our minds, the easier it is to have foolish thoughts to cause more corrupt writing.

"Politics and the English Language" is an essay by George Orwell published in 1946 where he criticizes the way written English language has evolved.

Orwell takes a maxim rhetorical approach as he begins his essay by defining principles in a pragmatic way. Starting with what we must do in order to reshape our deteriorating language while blaming amoral political lifestyles. By reforming our bad habits, clear language will follow then we can move toward political regeneration. On the opposite coin, Machiavelli uses truism for his narration. Even as he writes of the vices that princes' must possess, he wishes to convince us that his essay is quite frank and therefore moral because of it. He too defines principles as he begins his piece by explaining to his readers that he offers useful information with refreshing truths in place of previously imagined scenarios. A man, or prince, cannot

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