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as-sā′, to determine the proportions of a metal in an ore or alloy: endeavour (more usually ): () to affect or move: () to put one to the proof, as to accost with a particular purpose, to measure swords with another, &c.: () put to proof, examine by trial.— to attempt.— the determination of the quantity of metal in an ore or alloy: the trial of anything, as in the ancient custom of tasting the drink before handing it to a king or noble: an attempt or endeavour: probation or trial: () ascertained purity.— , one who assays, esp. metals; , the process of assaying or determining the proportion of pure metal in an ore or alloy; , the officer who determines the amount of gold or silver in coin or bullion. [O. Fr. , n. . See Essay.]

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IF, by prodigious political miracles, America returned to a bimetallic standard of money being the measurement of gold and silver, then that would also necessarily return to the original provisions of the American coinage of the 1790s, which administered death penalties for debasing that form of money. Basing money on metal actually means that money is the measurement of that metal, backed by murder. Symbolic money only have meaning when those symbols are backed by behavior. To express that is the simplest way, which includes all of the facts, results in my definition that "money is measurement backed by murder."

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