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When the government or independent institutions work to establish justice, it is securing equality to all. Clean breathable air allows every individual the same opportunity to live healthy lives without giving favor to a specific group who may choose to smoke. Nearly 440,000 American die each year from smoking-related illness and about 38,000 of those are directly related to secondhand-smoke. According to a recent study at the Center for Disease Control, smokers and nonsmokers alike benefit from workplace and public area smoking bans. Dr.

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Besides the obvious reason for not wanting to smell like smoke at a bar, there are also unsettling health issues that are involved with second-hand smoke that people inhale. Restaurant environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) is about 35 times higher in a bar or restaurant than a typical work place exposure due to the concentration of smoke from workers and patrons. (World Health Organization) Also, restaurant air contains six times the carbon monoxide that you would inhale standing in the middle of a California freeway. Bar owners who have multiple layers of ETS should also be concerned because these are "class action law suits" waiting to happen. These statistics make you wonder if business owners are more concerned about their sales or the health of their customers. Let's say that a customer repeatedly has gotten sick from food poisoning at a restaurant, do you think they would eventually decide to stop going to that establishment? Yes. Then would a customer return to an establishment that runs the risk of causing smoke related sickness, or even some type of diseases? NO! In the long run bars and restaurants will lose that 2/3 of the population that doesn't smoke because customers will decide to quit going. Business owners also should be concerned with the health of their employees. Restaurant and bar employees are so heavily exposed to second hand smoke that a single night of inhaling all the second hand smoke is equivalent to smoking one to two packs a day. (Bignold 26) It makes sense financially to not expose employees and customers to smoke too. Owners would save money on cleaning and maintenance costs as well as insurance costs that are attached to any business that deals with such fire hazards as cigarettes. A study also showed that employee absenteeism was reduced in cities that had smoking bans in effect. (Gunn 14) So, obviously businesses will be reducing costs in certain places with a smoking ban in effect, but have bars actually been able to prove a loss in sales due to the bans?

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Essays about smoking bans

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