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The sun has an enormous amount of energy which is evident by the heat reaching the earth. This enormous amount of energy can be harnessed to fuel the industries around the world with a comparably clean form of energy. Indeed, environmental degradation attributed to the use of fossil fuels is so apparent thus increasing the concerns on the use of alternative use of energy. Moreover, there huge energy crisis is looming since the fossil fuel reserves are slowly exhausting. With these problems in front of humanity, there should be considerable effort to look for other alternative sources of energy. Solar energy has been sued since 1950s in the form of solar cells. Although this has not been used as extensively as other forms of energy, solar energy is very promising. Cost which is one of the hindrances of fully tapping solar energy, may not remain a problem anymore since there have been significant decrease in the cost of production of solar power plants. If fully supported, continued use of solar energy may eventually halt the current problems regarding energy and environmental degradation.

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Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) is one of two means of harnessing energy form the sun. At present CSP technology provides electricity to about half a million Californians which receive their power form the Mojave Desert. Wit this success, building more CSP plants in various regions around the world has been considered (Wolff, 2007). The CSP technology is based mainly on the solar motor developed by Mouchout (Null, 2009). Compared to photovoltaic, CSP do not utilize solar cells and does not need constant illumination, rather in CSP uses wide array of mirrors concentrated in a small area which would capture the energy from the sun. The energy trapped in these mirrors would be used to heat water to produce steam. Steam is the used to power turbines and generators. CSP is very effective if it was put up in wide open areas such as deserts. One of the advantages of CSP is that it does not require constant illumination because it has the ability to store the heat from the sun in salts such as nitrates, sodium or potassium. Unlike photovoltaics, CSP can run even at night or when there is storm. In conditions when the sun is not shining, the CSP would just utilize the heat in the salts to continuously provide power. The elimination of the necessity for batteries to store power makes CSP comparably cheaper than photovoltaics (Wolff, 2007).

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One of the most important advantages of biomass usage is that it is fully inexhaustible energy source and it is easily available resource, which is widely distributed. It encloses low carbon percentage, reduces the level of expulsion of this element into the atmosphere and, thus, helps us to maintain the ecological balance of carbon in the environment. The authors of the book “Energy: Science, Policy, and The Pursuit of Sustainabilitystate, that using the biomass could lower American dependency on imported oil, which complicates U.S. foreign policy so much (p. 7). In the Chapter 6 they also emphasis that it is a duty of present generation to preserve a set of economic and social opportunities, it is not a specific goal so much as it is a process of continuous change and adaption (Robert Bent, Lloyd Orr, and Randall Baker, 2002). And biomass energy can be a first step towards this change. As the energy can be produced from wastes, we will, on the one hand, cut down on the environmental pollution, and on the other – receive some kind of a waste-free production, which will save resources and money. Biomass does not cost too much and it does not need special utilities for its usage. The energy obtained from biomass is much cleaner than that from fossil fuels.

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Biomass is a biological substance, which is produced from living organisms and living processes. Biomass for energy could be plant, vegetable and animal derived materials. If to look on biomass from the chemical point of view, it is carbon based a set of organic molecules that contain hydrogen and some small quantities of other atoms, such as alkali, alkaline earth and heavy metals.

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