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has argued that there are important differences between Islamophobia and antisemitism. While antisemitism was a phenomenon closely connected to European processes, he sees Islamophobia as having the concern of European civilization as its focal point. Døving, on the other hand, maintains that, at least in Norway, the Islamophobic discourse has a clear national element. In a reply to Bunzl, French scholar of Jewish history, , agrees with him in that he draws a clear connection between modern hostile and essentializing sentiments towards Muslims and historical antisemitism. However, she argues against the use of the term , since, in her opinion, it attracts unwarranted attention to an underlying racist current.

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Hatice Durmaz: We wanted to commemorate the pharmacist Marwa El-Sherbini who, along with her unborn child, was murdered – stabbed 18 times – by the right-wing extremist Alexander Wiens at the Dresden District Court on 1 July 2009. Wiens had been brought before court for reviling Marwa El-Sherbini as an "Islamist" and "terrorist" due to her headscarf. He said that people like her had no business living in Germany. This crime is of symbolic significance because it marks the worst excess thus far in the development of a new facet of group-focused misanthropy, a brand of racism directed specifically against Muslims.

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Stand Against Racism is a signature campaign of YWCA USA to build community among those theses and dissertations who work for racial justice and to raise awareness about the. Many modern racism against muslims conflicts also.

Durmaz: Today, anti-Muslim racism is socially acceptable not only on the fringes but also at the very heart of society. Under the guise of a "critique of Islam" it is fomented still further, preparing the ground for physical attacks on Muslims or Muslim institutions. 24 attacks on mosques this year alone speak for themselves, as well as the many assaults against Muslims or people who are taken for Muslims. The debate on Islam and the Muslims in Germany is being conducted in a ruthless and irresponsible manner. Somewhat less "Islam debate" and fewer "critics of Islam" would do us all good.