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positive impacts that entrepreneurs make on an economy is job creation and the reduction of unemployment levels and thus reduced poverty within that economy. In developed countries we see that almost 40 – 50% of the workforce is employed in small and medium scale business enterprises that were started up by very enterprising individuals. Likewise in countries like Bangladesh we see that millions of women have been able to pull their families out of poverty through self employment and entrepreneurship

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In its 2005 reports which had a cross national assessment of entrepreneurial activities across 35 countries, Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GME) found that entrepreneurship in women is spread across the entire entrepreneurship system as there are early as well as developed women entrepreneurs. The general trend in middle income countries like Venezuela shows that they have the highest level of early stage high income countries. Established entrepreneurial activities also vary with place. The prevalence rates are however reduced in high earning countries where entrepreneurial activities are dominated by males.

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Business development is widely recognized as contributing to economic empowerment of women and promoting gender equality. However, not all women are born as entrepreneurs; instead, business skills must be learned from colleagues, family and friends, formal training, or from experience. A recent nationwide survey found that businesswomen in Vietnam are crying out for additional support that can assist them in growing their businesses.

Need essay sample on "Women and Entrepreneurship"? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you for only $13.90/pageWomen entrepreneurs in India are handicapped in the matter of organizing and running businesses on account of their generally low levels of skills and for want of support system. The transition from homemaker to sophisticated business woman is not that easy. But the trend is changing. Women across India are showing an interest to be economically independent. Women are coming forth to the business arena with ideas to start small and medium enterprises.It should however be noted that regardless of the country or nature of the economy there are more males than females engaging in entrepreneurial activities (Soros 2008). The trend may change with time as the rate of entry of women entrepreneurs is on the increase. In analysing the development and growth in entrepreneurial activities, it is worth remembering that there are two primary motivations to the development of entrepreneurship which include necessity and perceived opportunity (Shim, Siegel & Dauber 2008). The prevalence rates of entrepreneurs in the middle income nations vary greatly depending on the levels of motivation.They are willing to be inspired by role models- the experience of other women in the business arena. The role of women entrepreneurs is especially relevant in the situation of large scale unemployment that the country faces. The modern large scale industry cannot absorb much of labour as it is capital intensive. The small scale industry plays an important role absorbing around 80% of the employment. The myth that women cannot engage in productive employment needs to be dispelled.Opportunities are a key motivator to the development of entrepreneurship in most GEM nations regardless of gender differences. Women are engaging in diverse and pervasive entrepreneurial activities across the globe which lead to success if well implemented. The social context and the country plays a large role in determining the extent to which women engage in entrepreneurial activities. Gender disparities are quite clear in the levels with which females and males engage in entrepreneurial activities and should be acknowledged if any move towards development and empowering females to engage more in entrepreneurial activities is to be formulated and implemented.