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In the end, writing the eulogy was an important part of my own healing process. I feel grateful that I was asked to pay tribute to Trina Grillo, brilliant scholar, dedicated fighter for justice, and my best friend.

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Before giving the eulogy at the funeral you should practice it a few times. Do not worry about memorizing the eulogy; it is perfectly ok to have the speech at the funeral. Remember that friends and family in attendance will be happy to hear your eulogy about your sister and you should not stress about how well your speech is delivered. When reading the speech you should read slowly, make eye contact with the audience and pause often to catch your breath.

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Eulogy for Romeo - Viewpoint of Friar Lawrence essaysGood citizens of Verona, we are here to grieve the loss of a precious child of God

Before beginning, it is important to be able to distinguish between a eulogy and two other terms with which it is commonly confused: obituary and elegy. An obituary is a concise announcement of the deceased that is placed in the newspaper. It is usually biographical in form. An elegy, on the other hand, is a poem or song that is intended to lament the dead. While important in their own rights, the construction of obituaries and elegies will not be discussed in this article. A eulogy is a speech typically given during a funeral or memorial service that pays tribute to the deceased. On other occasions, a eulogy can be given to a living person during a celebration, such as a retirement or a birthday party; however, for the purposes of this article, we will only be discussing eulogies for the recently departed. The person responsible for delivering a eulogy is typically a family member or close friend of the family (multiple friends or family members delivering eulogies is also commonplace). As such, preparing a speech in a short amount of time under the tremendous distress that death brings, can certainly be viewed as a daunting task. This article is meant to provide easy to follow tips that will hopefully aid you in the eulogy writing process.