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Events can sometimes overlap with memories and the fundamental descriptive prose is often the same. When you’re dealing with an event from the past, you’re also dealing with a memory. Conversely, when you’re dealing with dreams of the future you’re also dealing with hopes and dreams of today. All of these can make for extremely descriptive prose.

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Having trouble describing a person, object, or event for your narrative or descriptive essay? Try filling out this chart:

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A descriptive essay may be considered one of the simplest although deeply involving essays. It seems that there is nothing easier than writing a description, whether it be a description of a person, an event, a feeling, a thing, or an experience. However at times descriptions may be rather difficult to develop, especially for those writers who have problems with imagination or formulation of their thoughts. A descriptive essay is designed to offer readers involving and vibrant experiences and it has to achieve this goal with the help of observations and expression of feelings and memories but not through simple description of facts.Imagine you have got an assignment of writing a good descriptive essay. You feel happy since you think that this is the easiest assignment you could possibly get. Well, this is partially true. Descriptive essays are perhaps the easiest to write. Besides, very often students can choose any topic they like. Your descriptive essays may concern a person, event, fact, issues etc. But the fun part ends here. A descriptive essay must be written in such a way so that readers actually feel as if they participated in a certain event or talked to a person you have written about.
With expert advice you can bring your essay to life. We do understand how challenging it is to put down all that you feel, into a proper format. Finding the right words to describe an event or a person or any other thing, is a feat that takes time and practice. With our expert advice, you will find that a descriptive essay is quite within your reach. It depends on how much time you can spend on going through our website. You will agree after you have done it that it was well-spent time.