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Because fables allow for the development of variouscharacters, Orwell can use characterization to add an element ofsympathy to his arguments. Especially by telling the story fromthe point of view of the animals, Orwell draws us in and allowsus to identify with the working class that he portrays. Thus, afable allows him to appeal more intensely to emotion than a politicalessay might enable him to do.

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Students will take a at the end of the lesson to determine if they have mastered the content. In this quiz, students will read a short fable and write an opinion paragraph, stating the moral to the story and providing at least two reasons from the text to support their opinion. Students will be shown the attached Opinion Essay Rubric that outlines the expectations for their writing prior to the quiz.

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Everyday people all over the world try to improve the qualities of their lives. Nonetheless, they forget that what they do can have severe harms and damages on the environment and other organisms. In the excerpt “A Fable for Tomorrow” from the book Silent Spring, Rachel Carson describes the disastrous and horrific effects of pesticides on the environment and animals of the town. In the essay “Our Animal Rites” by Anna Quindlen, she shows the inhumanity of animal hunting by human. Furthermore, she…

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Animal folktale is mentioned by Perry in the quotation above, who distinguishes fable from it in terms of the primary intentionality of the author. If I understand Perry correctly, folktale for him is really not a structure at all but a content. It differs from fable in that its accent is on the story rather than its upshot, as Ziolkowski correctly explains. To compare fable and folktale is thus to compare, not apples and oranges, but apples and apple-juice. Animal folktale can become the stuff of fable. The criterion for distinguishing the two is not the mere presence of an announced moral, but rather the question of whether the material here has been structured to bear a fable's particular kind of meaning. As Perry points out at the end of his Studium essay, it is into folktale that fable lapses when it loses its structure (37). In summary, then, Aesopic fable is a fictitious past-tense story about specific characters with an import beyond entertainment. Since the presence or absence of a stated moral will not serve as a sufficient criterion to distinguish Aesopic fable, there is a problem of distinguishing it from two genres that are structurally identical: joke and parable.

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