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Their opponents, the Antifederalists, were generally farmers, debtors, and other lower class people who were loyal to their state governments. Antifederalist leaders, including Samuel Adams and Patrick Henry, typically enjoyed more wealth and power than the people they led. Henry was notorious for fighting for individual liberties, and one of the primary objections the Antifederalists had to the Constitution was the lack of a Bill of Rights, which would have afforded basic liberties to the public. They also feared the powers that would be assigned to a large central government, especially powers of taxation. Many Antifederalists believed a republican government could not rule a nation as large as America, since previously republics had only been successful in small regions like Switzerland and the Netherlands.

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American Federal Government 03/12/2009 Federalist Papers The Federalist Papers were written in the 1780’s by James Madison and Alexander Hamilton and most of them are addressed to the “People of the State of New York.” The purpose of the Federalist Papers was to set up a new constitution by which the county could govern. Article 1 of the Federalist Papers was written by Alexander Hamilton and it is considered the general introduction of the Federalist Papers. In

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Danny Santiago. Political Science 01. 01/20/20015. The Federalist Essay 2. In this essay written by Jay, It begins by sharing facts of government or political living, the forms of some government ...

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A number of observers, however, including Gouverneur Morris, contended that Congress could only admit states from territory that the United States possessed at the time of the Constitution's formation. That position was echoed by New England Federalists upset with Thomas Jefferson over the purchase of Louisiana. There is no indication of any such limitation, however, in the text or in the view of most of the Framers. Further, time and the admission of new states have made that argument irrelevant. Utilizing its discretion, Congress admitted new states from newly acquired territory and opted to give equal status to each.

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In 1796, the United States held its first elections in which political parties competed. The Federalists picked Washington’s vice-president, John Adams, as their candidate for president. An experienced public servant, Adams had been a leader during the Revolution and at the Continental Congress. He had , the Netherlands, and Britain before serving with Washington. The Democratic-Republicans chose Jefferson.

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The nation would not be unified, and people's rights could easily become infringed upon. They believed that having the same set of rules and regulations for all states was a much safer route then having each state makes its own rules. The Federalists wanted to get rid of the Articles of Confederation completely; they felt a new Constitution was necessary.