doesn't make feminism any less legit

Meanwhile radical feminism seems hopelessly unaware of the fact their own demonizing theories and semantics bear all the hallmarks of a supremacist and bigoted ideology of politicized hatred. In all the research I did for this book, I never once saw these social justice warriors mention higher sentencing for for the or the . On the other hand, in the SFF community's Twitter feeds, statistics that show any bias against women or non-whites are a flood, and daily. There's a reason for that. Their feeds are also full of any news story which mentions the disappearance, beating or unlawful arrest of any non-white. Like history itself, were one to judge America by intersectional Twitter feeds in SFF, you'd have a view of life so distorted as to be unrecognizable. Stressing the importance of individuals within an out-group as opposed to an in-group is classic bigotry and supremacy and starkly outlines the alliance between actual bigots in SFF and those radical chic flak catchers "allies" who have adopted that behavior by proxy, that sort of nostalgie de la boue. In the Orwellian world of intersectionalism the concept of collective guilt and innocence is a principle with wings attached:

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Opposing faux feminist bigotry is not bigotry nor is it opposing feminism or women. To me there is a clear difference between egalitarianism and bigots who hide within an egalitarian anti-oppression movement who don't advocate for women's rights but instead are supremacists who oppose men to the point of a phobia. To me, that is what radical extremist intersectionalism is and that is largely what the activist intersectionalist movement within the SFF community is, and that is the movement I am talking about, not feminism. (And I might add as a side note that the voice of male gays within the SFF community is virtually absent, probably outnumbered by gay activist females an easy 4 to 1.) There is nothing wrong with anyone in the world wanting equality, but I see a big difference between that and continued rhetoric about sub-cultures - the so-called "white patriarchy" - as if a simple demographic is the equivalent of a racial and male supremacist ideology. And there is also a difference between a bad man and men, as if any adult should have to point that out.

so feminism is entirely less 'legit'.

Misogyny like yours only further illustrates the necessity for feminism, past and present.

That is doctrine straight out of Judith Butler's Gender Trouble. The dead giveaway there is her use of the word "performed." That is very specific Butlerian and gender feminist semantics particular only to that ideology when it comes to issues of sex. If you're a proponent of post-structuralist French Theory, then you are certainly going to see how women are depicted in media as a self-fulfilling prophecy, whether for good or ill. In that dogma, repetition is reality in a way Wertham never thought of but nevertheless came to the same conclusions about.

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The fact that you or other women want to be “independent” by going to college or get a job is NOT what he is talking about. Those two actions are good things and necessary to sustain ourselves. He is talking about a woman, who has the TWF tape loop playing in her head, so that no matter what she does, she’s trying to make sure she doesn’t get screwed over. Even if she decides she loves a guy enough to marry him, because he is a man, she still has to keep her guard up, because that TWF tape inside her has told her that its in his nature to screw her over. If a man tries to date THAT kind of feminist, then it will go nowhere, and both will ultimately be unhappy- its just that simple.

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Man’s role is to honor, love, protect, and defend women. Rather than slamming women who consider themselves feminists (even the toxic kind), why aren’t the Real (Catholic) Men offering them respect, love, acceptance, understanding, and forgiveness so that they can be healed and restored to their dignity that they are so missing. That’s The Whole Problem! Those women have been failed by men throughout their lives and are hurting terribly for it.