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Magill, Frank N., Critical Survey of Long Fiction, English Language Series, Revised Edition and Critical Survey of Long Fiction, Foreign Language Series
These two series have short biographical and in-depth critical essays on major authors and their works. Each essay also includes a brief annotated bibliography of further readings.

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A collection of essays-research, critical theory, fiction, creative nonfiction and screenplays-written in in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Masters of English and Creative Writing.

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Kermode assesses the revolutionary transformations in literary criticism over the last fifteen years and places them in historical perspective. examining novels. Sun, 02 Apr 2017 06:40:00 GMT get this from a library! the art of telling : essays on fiction. [frank kermode]. In a gap bankruptcy, Professor Kermode surveys his courting with the hot idea, explaining that it's a relation from which he has benefited with out ever feeling disposed to hitch a stream. those essays may be of curiosity to scholars of Extra info for Essays on Fiction 1971-82 (Routledge Revivals). Frank Kermode. January 1st 1985 by Harvard University Press (first published 1983). Kermode assesses the revolutionary transformations in literary criticism over the last fifteen years and places them in historical perspective. Canadas Best Features: Critical Essays on 15 Canadian Films.

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At the time this book came out, it was surely useful to those interested in bringing a more literary-critical, rather than fannish, approach to discussions of science fiction. To read it today, though, it seems a bit dated. Several of the essays have a defensive character (i.e. feeling that they need to demonstrate why science ficiton should be taken seriously in the first place, or arguing against straw men who supposedly look down on all writing that isn't realistic or primarily concerned with presenting psychologically deep characters) that no longer seems quite so relevant. Also, a lot of the essays-- such as the one on the origins of science fiction, as well as the theoretical works by Suvin and Rabkin, have been been superseded by more detailed and rigorous explorations of the same topic (in some cases by the same authors!)

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Free signup required to download or reading online Women and Erotic Fiction book. Erotic texts written by and for women play a significant role in negotiating relations of gender, sexuality and kinship, and in shaping popular ideas about romance and the erotic. Examining the "mainstreaming" of women's erotica following the runaway success of Fifty Shades of Grey, this collection of new essays focuses on the publication and reception of women's popular erotic fiction across various genres and cultural contexts. The contributors draw connections between feminist and cultural studies scholarship on visual pornography and critical research on popular romance fiction. Essays explore a range of writing: popular erotic romance novels; "feminist porn"; male/male and menage fiction; lesbian romance; sex blogs; new Chinese erotica; BDSM novels; and slash fiction. Topics discussed include the ideological and critical aspects of popular texts, audiences and fan communities, the disciplinary function of popular speech about women's erotic fiction, and the technological and social shifts which have facilitated women's access to new forms of erotic material.

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Literary analysis essay is a part of critical analysis essay and therefore you need to follow all the above mentioned aspects while handling such an essay. It is suggested that you pick up a text first. The text may be a fiction/ a poetry or a play but the idea is to focus on all the literary aspects if the text that you have picked up. If you pick up a fiction do talk about the genre and how the text is fitting into that particular genre by explaining its features. If it’s a poetry or a play the task becomes more difficult because it can have multiple explanations.