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Preparing for the Florida Bar Exam is one of the greatest challenges an aspiring law student or practicing attorney will face. If you need help with organizing, structuring, and ultimately writing Florida Bar essays, we are ready to tutor and mentor you. Florida Bar essay tutors help to improve the focus, and structure of your Florida Bar essays. Our Florida Bar essay tutors are available to teach you the skills necessary to improve your performance on the Florida Bar Essay exam. Learning to harness your knowledge of and talent for legal writing will not just help you perform well on the essay section of the Florida Bar Exam, it will also contribute to your legal career.

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They've studied the science of learning and are familiar with the trends and nuances of the bar exam. No other bar review faculty Include past Florida essay and

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Ileana Azcunaga earned her Juris Doctor in 2007 and graduated cum laude from Barry University School of Law. She also served as managing editor of Law Review Journal in 2006-2007. In 2008, she passed the Florida bar exam on her first attempt. Ileana worked as an Assistant Public Defender for the Office of the Public Defender and was lead counsel in more than 40 jury trials. She also handled her own appeals and argued hundreds of motions. Ileana later opened up her own practice, focusing exclusively on criminal defense. However, Ileana’s passion has always been education and therefore began grading essays on a part-time basis for the Bar Preparation Department at Barry Law while simultaneously working as a litigator. Two years later, Ileana became the Director of Bar Preparation at Barry Law in Orlando, Florida.

Top 5 Ways to Prepare for the Florida Bar Exam Essays Top 5 Ways to Prepare for the Florida Bar Exam Essays

Florida's Rules of Professional Conduct are based on the Model Rules with modifications specific to the state. The rules were submitted to the Supreme Court and were approved with minor changes in July 1986. The Rules of Professional Conduct reflect the position of The Florida Bar on matters of attorney conduct and discipline. Back to Top

Twice a year the Florida Board of Bar Examiners updates the Florida Bar Exam Study Guide with essay questions from the last exam. …

Arguing both sides is crucial on bar exams. In a Florida essay fact pattern, there are generally no insignificant facts. The bar examiners do not want to send you down a rabbit hole chasing red herrings. They want you to show the grader that you can write like a lawyer. You need to believe that every paragraph contains important facts to address in your answer.