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The media ignores the millions of hours dedicated to community service, as well as the millions of dollars raised for charity annually. Hazing makes headlines, philanthropy does not. The Greek system is frequently criticized for instances of members breaking the non-hazing policy of every chapter across the country, and is regularly condemned for it. Hazing is an illegal part of many organizations, including the military, sports teams, marching bands, fraternities and sororities. Hazing again is illegal in all of these organizations and is specifically addressed in the handbook of many Greek organizations.

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A few years ago at the University of California, Irvine, a pledge of the LambdaPhi Epsilon fraternity was killed during a pledge event where he and his pledge brothers had to play football against the entire active house. He was mulled to death during the game. Also, in the article “On Hazing” by Michael J. Cholbi, Matthew Carrington from the California State University of Chico was at a Chi Tau pledging event, he was later pronounced dead after consuming a large amount of water. (Cholbi) He died of cardiac dysrhythmia. These incidents are reflective of a social problem involving young adults.

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Members of Sigma Nu fraternity and Chi Omega sorority were charged with third-degree felony hazing.

...Hazing is already a culture in our Fraternities and Sororities. Some may find it stupid or useless. However, I bet they base it on the definition. When we hear "hazing", we automatically think of physical injuries caused by paddling. That's not the whole of it. As someone who passed through this, I think I have a better overview of what it is. I must say that only those who pass through it would see the benefit or importance (what-have-you) of hazing to the concerned group. The biggest impact this has is a test of character. You discover more of yourself. You get tested by mental games. You have to decide quickly during group activities and some of which make a leader out of a person. When I passed all these tests, I got to meet some lifelong friends who stick by your side in thick or thin. My circle of friends suddenly grew. Career opportunities are wider now. And civic duties are now part of my system. All good right? Well, I would not be biased here. Some groups depend on paddle hazing alone and do it to hurt and not as a ceremony. They claim that this is to fast track the process and throw pledgee straight into the fire. Some groups include public humiliation, harassment (even to a point they include innocent people), some include mandatory dates and the likes. This is what's wrong and unfortunately, this is what's known to many. I just feel bad for these groups as you do that to someone whom you'll soon consider as a brother or sister....

Persuasive Paper Colleges strictly ban any type of hazing affiliated with school fraternities because they say it is dangerous, unlawful, and cruel; but

In a lawsuit, the family of Marcus Thomas, 19, blamed his death in an auto accident on his lack of sleep due to Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia fraternity of America hazing. Alcohol not a factor.

Fraternity Hazing essaysHazing (subjecting newcomers to abusive or humiliating tricks and ridicule) has always been seen as a secretive campus activity when it comes to fraternities and pledging. As a result, Dr. Mark Taff resorted in his article that, "..a series of 168 cases of injuries and death

Media accounts quoting the father of a suicide as putting blame on hazing practices of Phi Sigma Kappa for causing his son Marquise Braham to leap to his death over Spring Break in March. Fraternity members have denied the father’s charges through statements of their attorneys.

Fraternity Hazing Essay 1013 Words | 5 Pages. these dynamics in fraternities and other male groups is the desire for the pledge or potential member to "be tough," "stick it out" etc. and prove his manliness rather than risk being known as a wimp or sissy.

A detective investigating the death of pledge Preston Vorhauer ruled thatit was a non-hazing death when the pledge died swimming in a deep reservoir accompanied by
fraternity members who failed to keep him afloat when the victim faltered. The detective ignored my FOIA request. However, the national fraternity and school clearly have policies forbidding asking a pledge to attempt a risky stunt such as this one. The school was content to let the detective’s conclusion stand, but members of the Chad Meredith family who lost Chad in a similar drowning incident have denounced the detective’s conclusion.