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In the novel Grendel, however, we find that Grendel's character to be much more sophisticated as before. Even though Grendel is still described as a monster having vile intentions, a lot more about his personality is investigated here. Grendel is shown to be intelligent, even articulate as he goes on about his killing sprees. Grendel is shown to have an immense grasp about his own existence as well as the existence of others. Throughout the novel, Grendel strives to find meaning in his life and the reasons for which he was created. He is always thinking about what he is meant to do in his life and strives to understand why he is what others think he is: a monster.

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Grendel does not die happy, happy that he has killed and happy that he ruined lives. He dies alone, scared, and confused; the way he felt throughout his life. Again, even though he grew to love to kill like it was a new passion for him, he still just needed joy in his life. That is all that he was searching for, and attacking and killing was the only thing that he could find that would bring him a sense of joy even though it was a false one. Grendel is just a poor lost soul trying to find his place in life, and the people that he so desperately tries to be with view him as

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This Essay Grendel and other 62, 000 But then we would have met Beowulf or heard of his heroic Compare and Contrast How Grendel Is Portrayed in Grendel.

Comparison of Beowulf and Grendel. In the novels Beowulf, translated by Benton Raffel and Grendel by John Gardner, there is a character that is vividly portrayed.

Both in the novel Grendel, and the poem Beowulf, there are substantial differences between characters, and how they are depicted in each of the writings. The interpretation of a hero is always created and altered by the society in which the hero resides. For example, Saddam Hussein may be perceived as a monster in America but in his motherland, Iraq, he is a champion. In both writings, Grendel and Beowulf share distinct similarities in description in their individual literature, yet each character is portrayed differently in the same writing.

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Character Analysis. Grendel's mother, another demonic descendant of Cain, attempts to avenge Essay On Grendel S Mother her son's death by attacking Heorot Hall. Although she

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Beowulf possessed the heroic quality of bravery, as well. Again, in Grendel, we only read of Beowulf's recollections of his conquests. As a result, the reader is never given the opportunity to actually read about his perilous conquests, which would in turn, give the reader a vivid idea of how fiercely he would defy his opponents. In contrast, Beowulf's audacity is displayed well in his self-titles poem, as there is great detail made by the author when describing his treacherous battles, such as slaying Grendel's mother. Evidently, the novel Grendel leaves the reader liking, nor disliking Beowulf's character. In the poem, however, we are inferred to admire the Geat. The different of the hero concept between the two writings is clear: our own culture and time set leads to the altered hero. Beowulf is described minimally in Grendel, whereas in the epic poem Beowulf, he is shown with a greater sense of verbal valor. In Gardner's Grendel, however, he is depicted as a cruel, narcissistic man. For example, Beowulf was described as a deranged and mean individual. "He's crazy. I understand him all right, make no mistake. Understand his lunatic theory of matter and mind, the chilly intellect, the hot imagination, blocks and builder, reality as stress." (Gardner 151). In Grendel, Beowulf does not possess the same heroic face we see in the poem, Beowulf.

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Character Analysis. Grendel's mother, another demonic descendant of Cain, attempts to avenge her son's death by attacking Heorot Hall. Although she