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My first significant memories of chess centre around my mother, who taught me the basic moves, and then to love and hate the game. Our first matches were even, since we both were groping in the dark when it came to strategy. Slowly, however, I began to defeat her regularly. This was probably due to my more regular exposure to the game (while she did the housework, I could play chess against myself). I began to become accustomed to winning our matches, and thus became complacent and embarrassingly smug, when my beloved mother sprang the delightfully infuriating trap called the Scholar’s Mate on me, defeating me in a mere four moves. I was surprised, shocked, amazed, nay, utterly astounded! Apparently she had gone to her brother, an engineer who plays chess at a very high level, to ask for help in winning a final chess match with her son before she called it quits. He probably also told her that she needed to practice more to play at a higher level, something that a busy housewife who also took care of aged parents could not afford. That day’s defeat saw my mother taking me to the library for chess books which could further my chess education without making her pull her hair out in frustration, marking the beginning of a more serious approach to chess preceding the success I was to see on the national stage.

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The students that Michelle has tutored have achieved excellent results. Michelle has tutored students in subjects ranging from glacial landscapes and ecosystems to a student of at GCSE level; migration and globalization to an AQA GCSE student at; UK, populations and industry to a student of at IB Higher Level; climate change and geographic investigations to students from in preparation for the Edexcel A - Level exam; and River and Plate tectonics to the students from . More recently, Michelle has tutored population change, development gap, and changing urban and rural environments to a GCSE student from . To an AQA GCSE student from , Michelle tutored weather and climate. To CIE IGCSE students from and , Michelle tutored how to use graphical and cartographical skills to discuss the effects of cultural, economic, physical, political, and social environments on landscapes. Michelle has tutored the natural environment and the human environment to Edexcel IGCSE students who attend and DGS (). To AQA GCE AS/A2 students from and , Michelle tutored contemporary geographical issues such as plate tectonics and associated hazards, and world cities.

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English A1 Higher Level Paper 1 Monday 2 May 2000 SECTION A Write a commentary on one of the following 1. a Our house is high up on the Yorkshire coast,

Each essay is scored independently by two readers, who measure it against the scoring guide. Papers whose scores are two points apart are read a third time, as are those scored 3/4. Papers whose composite scores are 8 and higher satisfy the Entry Level Writing requirement; papers whose composite scores are 6 and below do not.