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10. Can you tell me something about your hometown? ( 5 - 8 )
Yes, certainly. xxx is in the northeast part of my country, and the capital of the xxx province. It has about three million inhabitants. It has many heavy industries such as automobile, aircraft, and machine tool manufacturers. In addition, it is rich in history. For example, the xxx invaded the city and committed many atrocities (that is to say many crimes) during the occupation. This is still remembered by many of the elderly folks to this day. Another example that I could mention is the Imperial Palace that belonged to the last dynasty .

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12. What places in your hometown do you like best? ( 5 - 8 )
There are many places that I like. If I had to choose one place, I would like to tell you about Government Square. Firstly, it is the largest square . What I mean is that it is a large open space where one can see the sky clearly, and feel free. Secondly, it houses an important government building. I guess you could call it the City Hall.

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