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Men seemingly can wear whatever they want without having their character judged. From their hairstyles to their shoes, men have easier options as to how they want to be perceived. In Tannen’s essay, everything the business men wore was unmarked, while she had so many details on how the women dressed from head to toe. Men in society just have it a little bit easier to go unmarked.

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Deborah Tannin basically elaborates on how woman are marked, despite their choice of being wanted to, and how men, are never and never will be termed as "marked". She begins her essay explaining about the style woman dress up from top to bottom. The woman's hair style, clothes, boots, make up etc. She compares the three woman at the table with each other based on their sense of styling. Suddenly she realizes why she only notices the woman and not the men. The men are always unmarked. All the men at the table are dressed up in the same way with no fancy hair cut, suits or shoes. The author describes that unlike the woman, these men had the option of being "unmarked". The author comes to think of how women can be considered "unmarked". She realizes that there is no style for woman that can make her term as an "unmarked" woman. For example, there is no hair style for woman which can be considered standard. A woman's hair with no style would be considered as shabby and may "disqualify her...

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In Marked Women, an essay by Deborah Tannen, she thought back to a time where she and some co-workers had gone on a business conference trip. There was her and three other female coworkers. During the conference she found herself distracted from the discussion by her female co-workers appearances. She scrutinized the three other women’s hair, clothing, and make-up. After a while she realized that she was not doing the same for the men. She thought about why that was so, then understood that it was because they were “unmarked” or standard. The women had no option to be “unmarked”. The men wore average hair styles with average hair color; they could have marked themselves with their clothing, but were able not to do so. According to Tannen for women there is no unmarked style, all styles even no style holds some sort of assumption.