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As in some parts of Africa, after a baby is born, a Vietnamese family often choses a meaningless, ugly name for him or her to use. They believe that the devil likes to take children with beautiful names or to make the baby ill. Therefore the use of an ugly name is intended to warn off the devil. This ugly name is widely used among family members, relatives and neighbours. Indeed many children do not use their official name until they go to school for the first time when they are six years old. In small communities, these nicknames can be kept for life. Examples of such unpleasant names that I have come across include names meaning Leaf, Bark, Root, and even Bucket.

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Your instructor may demand that youressays be typed. Other professors would prefer a typedpaper but do not require it. In general, you should makeevery effort to submit your essays typed rather thanhandwritten. For example, I receive two essays on thesame topic. Both are probably very good. But, do you knowwhich one is easier to read? Do you know which one I willread first? Psychologically, your professor is preparedfor typed text and so the handwritten essay usually fallsto the bottom of the pile. So, for your own sake, submitall written work typed rather than handwritten.

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The Crucible is an example of how hysteria, the desire to uphold status and suppression of individuality can combine to tear a community apart. We look back to the events of Salem and consider today's society to be more sophisticated. However, we have to ask ourselves, have we actually advanced socially? We are still slaves to our fear, terrorists have become our modern day witches and the suppression of our fellow man continues. Perhaps our world today is no different to the Salem that Miller portrayed.

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