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Time to lighten up a wee bit about all of this very serious and somber sort of ontological and spiritual stuff regarding Good v. Evil in our contemporary World in order to tell you of a REAL STORY to make you LAUGH about just HOW STUPID we Human Beings can be.

Political Elites: Definition, Role and Criticism of Elitism are described below:

So you are a Computer Scientist by economic vocation. St. Paul was a tent maker. St. Matthew a tax collector. St. Luke a physician. St. Peter a fisherman.

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Their customary position is that of well-disposed agnostics who are willing to agree with whatever you tell them, but let you understand that, of course, there is no way of proving anything you say, and therefore, it leaves them neither hot nor cold.

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In a democratic government key principles include free and open elections, the rule of law, and a separation of powers, typically into the following:

ourselves as a democracy. As in any political debate, the two main theories, elitism and pluralism present numerous conflicts. Firstly, elitism defines all

If Americans do not decide major controversiesthemselves or indirectly through elections, how are such mattersresolved? Pluralists are convinced that public policy emerges fromcompetition among groups. Since relatively few people participateactively in this process, power, it might seem, would be concentratedin few hands. Before drawing any dire conclusions about the possibleundemocratic nature of this form of government, however, it isnecessary to look at political power as pluralists see it.

The Difference between Pluralism and Elitism

Everyone recognizes political power when theysee it: Congress raises taxes; the president sends troops to Bosnia;the Supreme Court declares the death penalty constitutional; a policeofficer tells a motorist to pull off the road. In each instance agroup or person makes others do something they would not otherwisedo. Seen from this perspective, the definition of power seems simpleenough. Yet the term is loaded with implications that must be fullygrasped if one is to understand pluralism.

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In this view, under-representation occurs because people do not wish to be represented. Additionally, the government protects the interests of the under-represented, because although they might not have any economic or political resources, they do have a vote. So the representative electoral system acts as a check on the unrepresentative aspects of the interest group system.

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Fairness in access to the public used to be guaranteed through legislation such as the Equal Time Provision of the 1934 Communications act. This act required that except for news programs, stations that granted (or sold) air time to any one candidate for public office had to grant (or sell) other candidates equal time? (Greenberg & Page 175). With today’s revenue hovering at approximately 1 billion dollars for political commercials, as in the 2000 elections, it is highly doubtful that the media, if I were on the ballot, would donate to me equal air time.