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The essay is both the most and the least visible part of the competitive . Everyone knows that the essay is critical, but few actually get to see what “successful” essays look like. Some online resources, like , post examples of college application essays, but they often lack the necessary context for a reader to truly assess how accurately that essay conveys a student’s personality and interests.

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Our primary goal is to support you in coping with a heavy assignment workload. We know firsthand how hard it can be to manage the sea of academic tasks students receive in all kinds of courses. Caught up in the daily struggle of college life, it can be very difficult to catch a wave of inspiration and come up with a new essay topic or a striking first sentence.

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You might think that there is nothing difficult in writing of an essay! Nothing of the kind! When freshmen learn how many essay types they will have to write throughout college years they feel uncomfortable. Indeed, there are reasons to worry. Students have to master different writing styles and write different college essay types. are very popular as they make it possible to make emphasis on certain issues by presenting counter arguments. are equally popular with students having various majors. An analytical essay evaluates both student’s knowledge and his ability to research and analyze information. depict chosen issues, facts and events, while informative essays aim at providing readers with as much possible information on selected topic as possible. should contain no personal thoughts and attitudes of a student.

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Remember that one of the goals of the admissions board when reading college admissions essays is to find students who will enhance the educational experience of other students. In other words, how can you contribute to other students’ learning? As with tip #3, you already have an edge by being an international student.

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Remember that you are more than just an international student from an interesting background; you are a complete person with a lifetime of experiences. You should take some time to think about what else makes you different from most the other hundreds of students writing college admissions essays. Add those features (plays piano, excellent at football, speak five languages) to your growing list of essay goals.

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Not that many years ago, private lenders dominated both the student lending and home mortgage markets. This created obvious parallels between lending in these two spheres. Lenders overpriced for risk, provided monies to borrowers who were , and had loan products with troubling features like sizable front-end fees, high default interest rates and aggressive debt collection practices.

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Second, looking at loan default rates as a measure of the success of a college misses that many colleges welcome students from lower income quartiles, and these students have – understandably, although obviously many are working to improve these statistics. The fact that some of these students do not progress to a degree is not a sign of institutional failure any more than student success at elite institutions is a guarantee of those institutions’ quality. One approach to consider is linking default rates with the types of students being served by an institution. But one thing that should not change, to the : many of the government student loans should not be based on credit worthiness.