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The plague did not permanently affect the course of politics, but it certainly did take its toll. King Alfonso XI of Castile was the only reigning monarch to die of the plague. Many lesser notables died also: the Queen of Aragon, the Queen of France, and the son of the Byzantine emperor.2 Among the people that died from the plague were many required soldiers. The new shortage of soldiers caused wars such as the Hundred Years' War in 1348 to be suspended because there were not enough soldiers to fight since so many had died of the Black Death. The effect at local levels was more severe: city councils were ravaged, whole families of local nobles were wiped out, and courts closed down so wills could not be probated. The political system recovered much faster than the economic system because new courts were quickly convened and the legal mess caused by the numerous deaths was eventually sorted out which showed that the European political systems were strong enough to recover quickly and regain strength to maintain its countries and people. The political system was rapidly strengthened, but the population of Europe was left extremely weakened after the Black Death swept through Europe.

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I believe the plague spread through contamination. The water and air became polluted. Through contact with the poisoned substances people became violently sick with the bubonic plague. Their entire bodies would become swollen. Within a matter of days, the diseased be covered with black spots and boils. The victims would have high fevers and would be extremely nauseous. They would die very suddenly, and only a couple of days after being diagnosed with the illness.

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Historians discovered that, the Y;pestis and the Black Death travelled at a very different speeds. The twentieth century plague even with the steamship and railway, due to its reliance on the homebound rat, spread through the land at the speeds of about 8miles per year, while the speeds of spread of the Black Death almost equaled that per day. Benedictow, still tries to bring both the timeframes together. He to some extend devotes more space considerably to the slowing of the Black Death. Benedictow refutes any speed of disease spread which was faster that his likes: He defends these by saying that, the Black Death made “metastatic leaps”. His outcomes still depicts the medieval plague having a rate 30 times as fast as the modern one-he does not explain neither admits to this discrepancy.

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Benedictow on the argument that plague was as a result of fleas, he depends more on the reports of Indian Plague Research Commission. But he employs selective reading of these reports. For example, he argues that during the years of 1345, 1353 as well as 20th century black rat was responsible cause for the plague, but many dead black rats as brown rats were found dead in the dwellings where the infection was active by the Indian plague researchers. In other regions like the Northern Africa, scientists come up with a conclusion that black rat was not an important plague spreader unlike the brown rat. He claims that plague arrived with the people who carried without their knowledge infective rat fleas in their luggage or clothing. Studies conducted in the luggage’s and clothing of people migrating from plague stricken areas, plague commissioners concluded that Y;pestis not at all transmitted that way. Benedictow maintains that Y;pestis and Black Plague were all as a result of the household in mortality terms i.e if a party of the household contracted plague , definitely other parties of household become infected. These were found out to be the opposite by the plague commissioners.

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History: European Essay On The Effects Of The Black Death Essay On The Effects Of The Black Death term papers (paper 3575) on The Effects of the Black Death on Europe: The Black Death, also known as the Bubonic Plague, was Europe's