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I have a distinct Texas speaking voice…lots of twang…and for many years I have done comedy programs for area businesses and non-profit organizations. Through those presentations, people suggested I write a book. I didn’t take their advice for many years, but finally did. Why do you write? Ann: This question could be answered so many ways, but something I read a long time ago sums it up for most writers, if they are willing to admit it or not. “I want to be known and I want to be remembered.”

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Why do I write? It's not that I want people to think I am smart, or even that I am a good writer. I write because I want to end my loneliness. Books make people less alone. That, before and after everything else, is what books do. They show us that conversations are possible across distances.

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Making the idea into the externally real thing, the novel, is only the first step in the artistic process of creation for a writer. The wonderful idea, complexly developed, must be communicated into the minds of others. The written novel is a wonderful thing in itself, but it only fulfills its role when it serves as a vehicle connecting the writer's mind to the minds of his readers. That's why it's not necessary to produce a book in a physical form in order to be completely satisfied with it as a book; it can still do its real job. That's also why we feel such a satisfying sense of connection with the distant past and its people when we read something written by some long-ago writer and appreciate it as the writer wanted us to. That marvelous completion of the artistic act of creation can take place across a gap of centuries, or thousands of miles, or immense cultural barriers.