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For college or high school students who need to write an excellent event essay, you should learn what it’s all about. Basically, this can be about your personal memories about something important that happened in your life, or it can be about any reoccurring or one-time event, including a college celebration or a football game. If you’re asked by teachers to submit a memorable childhood event essay, this means that you need to write about something important or remarkable that happened in your childhood. Make sure that you know how to write a perfect description paper to paint a vivid picture in the minds of your readers. If this task seems a bit confusing or daunting for any reasons, the good news is that it’s easy to find skilled and reputable freelance authors who will complete it for you.

So, if you like this idea for your childhood memory essay, use the following plan for writing.

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What's better about the third paragraph than most of the rest of the essay, however, is that there you are at least trying to say something about the nature of your childhood. It's all a bit banal, but it's not as vague as the first two paragraphs, which I think essentially communicate only one substantial idea: the idea that you are different from the child you were. Since I don't know anything about the you of today, however, the difference between the two of you is altogether unclear, unless you want me to deduce that since the child was pure and good, you are now impure and evil. That would be interesting, I suppose, but it's not really compatible with the other elements of your self-portrait. You fourth paragraph also adds little to the picture since it is dominated by questions which you don't try to answer.

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